Tuesday, August 29, 2006

French rep wants tax on text msging, email

This article about taxing text msgs and email is typical of the continuing trend to separate tax sources from tax uses. Bureaucrats want to raise money and then find a use for the money, blindly growing the size of government. As citizens we must demand the right to say, "we have enough government, we choose not to pay for any more."

Article excerpts:

"Originally, Lamassoure had this to say: "The economic value of today's globalization lies in information through transactions in the form of international communication. Why don't we levy taxes on this value?" Under his proposal, a tax on an SMS sent within the borders of a member state would be allocated to the national government of that state, while taxes collected on messages sent between the member states would accrue to the EU. The same would apply to email messages.

Lamassoure also argued that in times of globalization, it is less and less easy for states to raise tax revenues. "I suggest this as an idea not only for the EU but also for member states themselves and on the worldwide scale," he said. He compared his idea to the "Tobin tax" proposed in the 1970s to tax cross-border currency trading."