Friday, September 15, 2006

60% Error rate in tax returns prepared by volunteers

The IRS code is a nightmare of complexity. Why do we allow ourselves to be harassed by this frankenstein created by an army of tax favor seeking lobbyists? The advice given by the IRS itself is wrong a quarter of we find that well meaning but hopelessly overwhelmed volunteers may be wrong 60% of the time.


"Taxpayers seeking help from volunteer centers be warned: a government
audit shows 60 percent of returns prepared by volunteers may be wrong.
The I-R-S has been moving away from helping taxpayers prepare and file
their returns. Instead, it's been encouraging them to go to volunteer
centers like the ones audited by Treasury inspectors.

The centers assist low- to moderate-income, elderly and disabled
filers. They also help people with limited English skills. While the
I-R-S provides training and some support, the centers are run by
community-based organizations."