Friday, September 01, 2006

City of Murfreesboro Invades County - Film at 11


The City of Murfreesboro has not yet legally annexed a large area in Rutherford County but is already forcing city services on residents that don't even want them. And the actual taxpaying residents of the city are paying for services provided to people not even living in the city, a very strange situtation indeed.

“(the lawsuit) clearly does (halt annexation),” said David Buuck, an attorney for the Knoxville-based Citizens for Home Rule, a nonprofit group that opposes forced annexation, who is representing the residents. “It halts the annexation until there is a final determination from the court.”

Buuck said he has filed over 200 lawsuits to halt annexations since the mid-1980s and this is the first time a municipality went forward with annexation anyway.

The city of Murfreesboro won’t explain to The Daily News Journal its reasoning for going forward with annexation.

Robertson said while the city may be extending garbage collection, it is not accepting applications for city business licenses for these residences.

“If they are not taking taxes, but they are providing services, I think the actual residents of Murfreesboro should be angry about that,” he said."
Update: Tennessean Report says Murfreesboro is reconsidering.