Friday, September 15, 2006

Earmark Reform WAS a VERY BIG DEAL!

Donald Luskin has some interesting comments from his "anonymous lawyer/lobbyist friend" on the earmark reform rules that passed the House yesterday: He says this was a BIGGER step than most realize:
"Note that Republican Jerry Lewis, the old-timey Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, struggled against his reform-minded Republican colleagues and lost. David Obey, the thin-skinned, corpulent man who might be chairman if the Democrats take over, blows smoke about how this reform kills lobby reform. He's loud but wrong. Earmark reform is a very strong cleaning agent -- if Members can't direct spending to special projects unless they do so in public and with their names attached, then the lobbyists paid to win appropriations will shift what they do and how they do it. They'll either be able to justify the need in public, or they will pursue other work, or they will wither away. That's effective lobby reform, Mr. Obey."