Monday, September 04, 2006

Gallatin Mayor vows to VETO any tax increase

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"The property tax debate in Gallatin is heating up to the boiling point with Mayor Don Wright promising to veto a tax increase of any kind.

“If they try to raise property taxes, I will veto it,” Wright said in an exclusive interview with The News Examiner. “I’d rather see (us) tighten our belt.”
What is HE saying????!!!! Is he saying that government should make hard decisions about their budget??? Why...this is heresey!!

What will happen if government has to make some cuts?? The same thing that happens every month with every taxpayer's family budget: You delay or eliminate purchases of low priority items. And what is the result??? You wake up the next day and the sun rises and the birds are singing and life goes on...its called dealing with reality.