Sunday, September 10, 2006

Long Live the Devolution!! in education

As with representative democracy, ready access to information is changing education. Edspresso links to a post about the continuing revolution in education brought about in large part by increased access to information by parents:
"In the past, a lack of data enabled stagnation. Armchair observations of real-estate agents were often the most sophisticated opinions regarding the quality of local schools. Today, online services like provide a mountain of comparative testing and parental review data in a few short clicks.

New technologies and practices, such as self-paced computer-based instruction and data-based merit pay for instructors, hold enormous promise which has only begun to be explored. That said, disadvantaged children in KIPP Academy schools, among others, have achieved phenomenal academic results not with new technologies, but rather with old-fashioned “time on task” hard work and extended school days."