Thursday, September 14, 2006

Memphis Councilman: Rollback Property Taxes

What a concept: Let ALL taxpayers benefit from lower taxes, not just the fatcat corporations and rich sports franchise owners .(where have I heard that before....hmmm, sounds familiar, oh thats right, from that pesky group of "tax cranks", Tennessee Tax Revolt.)

Lets see if I can remember any high school cheers, "Two bits, Four bits, six bits, a dollar, All for Dedrick, stand up and holler....YEA!!!!!"


"Memphis City Councilman Dedrick Brittenum is exploring the feasibility of an across-the-board property tax cut for every homeowner in the City of Memphis.

It could possibly be done, he reasons, if the city pulled the plug on the current tax break program that abates millions of dollars in taxes for select businesses relocating or expanding in the city.

"My question is, can we reduce the tax rate overall that would make it competitive for companies moving here?" Brittenum said. "Is there a threshold where we could reduce taxes so that everybody benefits? Can we reduce it enough and still have enough money to run government?"

Brittenum said he's floated the idea around town and has gotten a welcome response."