Sunday, September 24, 2006

Memphis Freds match Wal-Marts $4 generic price

Fred's will match Wal-Mart in Memphis. Good news for Tennessee healthcare consumers.
Fred's will offer the program in its pharmacies in Memphis, Bartlett, and Millington.

Wal-Mart was the first to announce it's $4 generic plan Thursday. By Friday morning, Target announced it would match Wal-Mart's generic drug prices.

Fred's reduced prices will begin Monday, September 25th. Fred's will offer 300 of the most common generic medicines, used to treat illnesses such as diabetes, colds, infections, asthma, and heart diseases, at $4 per prescription for up to a 30-day supply.

Fred's program will be available to Fred's employees as well as all customers - insured or uninsured.