Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Newsweek, Kaplan both WaPo owned to offer MBA

Yep, the NYTimes is reporting that Newsweek and Kaplan, Inc., the education service provider, both owned by the Washington Post, will offer an online MBA. Competition in education from the WaPo.
"Kaplan accounts for a growing portion of revenue for the Post company, keeping it healthier than many other media enterprises. In 2005, Kaplan provided 40 percent of the company’s operating revenue, up from 34 percent in 2004.

The newsweekly will help Kaplan provide students with case studies of current business topics as well as video and online presentations, chats and interviews. Some material will be published in Newsweek and on its Web site, but some will be reserved exclusively for Kaplan.

Andrew S. Rosen, president of Kaplan University, said the Newsweek material would be reworked for students. “We’ll have someone rewrite it for students, take out the color, and put it into a format so the lessons we want students to draw from it are clear,’’