Monday, September 04, 2006

One for you and two for me, one for you and two...

The LA Times details all the last minute goodies dispensed by the California leglislature in their final session:

First and foremost they took care of themselves, of course. Here are some of the bills that passed:

SB 145: Would permit officeholders who are not seeking reelection or another post to continue raising campaign cash.

SB 44: Would allow car dealers to hike the fees they charge for document preparation.

AB 2592: Would allow car rental companies to advertise prices that do not include airport concession fees consumers must pay.
"This is so typical of what happens at the last minute," said Robert Fellmeth, executive director of the San Diego-based Center for Public Interest Law. "All sorts of horrible things go sweeping through."

Normally, drafting laws involves several public hearings strung out over many months. But near the end of the session, dozens of "jam jobs" emerge — bills that, by design, are dashed through the Legislature so quickly that even their authors may not know what's hidden in them. Often, they involve goodies for various interest groups."