Monday, September 11, 2006

Say it ain't so, Metro Council!!

The Tennessean is reporting that developers may not build a condo tower next to the new ball park. That, in turn, means less tax revenue:
That would require Metro to take property taxes generated by other properties to help pay for the stadium's construction instead of relying solely on taxes from the new developments by the ballpark. Those other revenues usually would go to schools, police protection and other city services. How much has not been determined.
Which, of course, means that we the taxpayers will pay more. But we were assured all the i's werer dotted and the t's were crossed. A bold prediction: we will hear about more i's undotted. Hey, it could be worse. In Jackson they built a brand new stadium for the Jaxx and now it looks like they will be leaving town...after they clean up all the lawsuits.

The next time the Metro Council says, "have we got a deal for you"....we should all run very fast in the opposite direction.