Tuesday, September 26, 2006

SCOTUS will decide if union dues=political funds

Election law blog is reporting that the US Supreme Court has decided to hear the Washington state case where the State Supreme Court said that unions do NOT have to seek the permission of members to use dues for political purposes. He speculates that SCOTUS will overturn the Washington ruling:
"My earlier coverage of this decision is here. I expect that the Supreme Court will answer the question presented in the negative, ruling that a state may set up a system whereby nonmembers of unions must affirmatively consent before the union can deduct money for political purposes. I was surprised by the original Washington state supreme court ruling holding that such a system violated the union's first amendment rights, in that it was not as narrowly tailored as an "opt-out" provision (whereby monies for political purposes are automatically deducted unless the nonmember asks that they not be deducted)."