Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Washington County hikes property tax 13 cents

"The original recommendation called for the tax rate to remain the same as last year at $1.87. But some commissioners thought a 13 cent increase, which will be added to the county's debt service fund, would better prepare them to fund a school building program as well as a jail expansion/justice center project in the coming months and years.

In all, the amendment and the new recommendation each passed 17-8.

Voting in favor of the amendment and new recommendation were Commissioners Bob Scott, Pete Speropulos, Paul Woodby, C.B. Kinch, Frank Bolus, Mark Hicks Jr., Jim Powell, Phil McPeak, Wendell Messimer, Ron England, Gerald Sparks, Scott Buckingham, Mark Larkey, Janice White, Ben Bowman, Danny Edens and Pat Wolfe.

Those opposed to the two measures were Sam Humphreys, Peggy Richardson, Sid Campbell, Bill Biles, Richard Matherly, Mark Ferguson, Kyle Shell and Evert Jarrett."