Friday, October 20, 2006

Charter Amendment update # 1 - Vote YES

Vote YES on Metro Charter Amendment No. 1

1- Delay in sending Davidson County Property Tax Notices

The City Paper has an
article on the extraordinary delay in sending out property tax notices in Davidson County. Here are the facts: The Davidson County Trustee's web site says:
"Property tax statements are generated from the Tax Roll and mailed prior to October 1 each year."
But in fact, Davidson County has yet to send any notices and under the best case scenario may start sending notices next week, the week of Oct. 23, much later than normal. It is estimated that 40% of voters will early vote. Most of these early voters will not receive their property tax notice until after early voting. Clearly, voters would be much more aware of property tax issues if they had received their property tax notice. Charter Amendment No. 1 is a property tax related amendment which changes the Metro Charter so that property tax rates can not be increased without voter approval.

We called EVERY county surrounding Davidson County and ALL of them sent their property tax notices in late Sept or early October.