Friday, October 20, 2006

Charter Amendment update #2 - wrong ballot summary

The Ballot Wording on the official ballot, and the sample ballot mailed to voters, is not the wording we agreed to.

I won't bore you with all the details and negotiations (and believe me there were many.) The main point is this: all parties agreed to a four sentence summary of the Charter Amendment to be placed on the ballot followed by the full language of the amendment.

Becasue of an oversight at the Davidson County Election commission, the agreed language is NOT on the ballot. The only place that it appears correctly is on the sample ballot which is online, HERE. The ballot language on the voting machines is not correct and the ballot language in the sample ballots sent to voters is not correct.

The Davidson County Election Commission has agreed to place a notice inside each voting machine with the correct language and we are hopeful this will be helpful to voters.

Here is the correct ballot summary language that we agreed to:
Davidson County real property tax rates cannot be increased
without the approval of the voters in a referendum election.
Either the Mayor or a majority of the Council could authorize
the referendum. There could be only one referendum each
year. The tax rates on real property in effect on November
7, 2006, would be the maximum rates allowed until a
referendum occurs.

Just remember: Vote YES on Metro Charter Amendment No. 1