Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"Nothing", repeat, "Nothing" will come of this

Last year TNCOG proposed some very modest and vitally needed changes to the open meetings law in Tennessee aimed mainly at city and county officials. The bill failed miserably because lobbyists from associations which represent local city and county officials can block just about legislation they choose regardless of public opinion.

And the most galling part of this is that the dues paid to these associatons (County Mayors Assocation, etc) that lobby for city and county officials are paid by taxpayers but these associations have absolutely no accountablity to taxpayers...none, zip, zero, nada!! In fact, they are typically hostile to taxpayer friendly legislation.

Instead of passing the bill as first proposed, the opponents came up with an amended proposal to appoint a "study committee" which we all know is shorthand for "if we stall long enough this thing will go away". This KNS article today says that the Governor has just gotten around to appointing his two members of the committee and it is now clear that the committee will not meet the deadline established.