Thursday, October 12, 2006

Oops...Sumner Cnty forgot to send the bill

Sumner County passed a tax on new industrial buildings in 1999. However, somebody forgot to tell the tax collector and apparently it has been collected only sporadically.

Soooo...whats a politician to do? Obviously, they have balanced past budgets without this tax money, what should they do?

1- Repeal the tax...a good idea but bureaucrats always assume they can spend our money better than we can so that will never fly.

2- Start collecting the tax and reduce other taxes by the amount of any new revenues? Refer to answer 1.

3- Don't admit anything and act like it was the taxpayer's fault and aggressively go after taxes retroactively with great moral fervor as if the county government can do no wrong......yeah, now thats the ticket!!