Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Madisonville drops Annexation after citizens protest

Unlike Murfreesboro, Jackson and countless other TN cities who don't care if citizens are opposed to annexation, City of Madisonville alderman actually listen and they voted to "forget" about the annexation. The one alderman who voted to continue with the annexation said the other aldermen should have supported the planning commission instead of the citizens???


"But the crowd wasn't to be swayed. One woman declared her house
insurance was only $500 to start with and when asked for a show of
hands who didn't want to be annexed into the city, every hand in the
room shot up.

Faced with such overwhelming opposition, Moser made the motion to
"forget about the annexation." Alderman Irad Lee seconded the motion and all voted to drop the idea except for Bill Spradlin.