Wednesday, November 08, 2006

NTU rundown of Tax Related Ballot Measures

Out of the 92 state ballot measures reviewed in our 2006 General Election Guide, 79 were non-bond related questions.

Here's how those measures fared (based on yet-to-be-certified results):

Total # Approved # Rejected
Measures that would lower taxes/limit government 46 32 14
Measures that would raise taxes/expand government 33 12 21

Among important taxpayer wins:

Alaska: Rejection of a new tax on natural resources

Arizona: Passage of the Taxpayer Protection Act

California: Rejection of higher cigarette taxes, new energy taxes, a $50 property tax increase, and a publicly-funded campaign finance system

Colorado: strengthening of the rights of citizens to propose ballot measures, and approval of putting a two year hold on former lawmakers before they can lobby

Idaho: rejection of a 1-cent sales tax increase

Louisiana: approval of stopping municipalities from taxing cars on a value basis

Michigan: rejection of a minimum funding level for education

Missouri: rejection of an 80 cent-per-pack cigarette tax increase, and approval of stripping felon lawmakers of their pensions

South Carolina: approval of a restriction on property taxes

Finally, approval of eminent domain reforms in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oregon, and South Carolina.