Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tennessean reports on Ballot problem

This Tennessean article from today's paper details the problems we found with voters not being notified about the correction notice for our Charter Amendment No. 1.

Here is a summary to bring you up to date: after much negotiation we agreed to a specific ballot wording for the charter amendment summary. Because of an oversight at the election commission the correct wording was NOT placed on the ballot. However, the error was discovered too late and both the sample ballot sent to every voter and the official ballot on voting machines could not be corrected. The ONLY place the ballot appears correctly is the version posted on the Davidson County Election Commission web site HERE (scroll down to page 4).

The election commission proposed placing a notice on each voting machine so voters could see the corrected version. We agreed to this procedure (since there really wasn't much else that could be done) and asked that poll workers notify voters of the notice on the machine since clearly notices don't do any good unless voters know they are there. The problems that our poll watchers have observed is that voters are not being advised about the presence of the notices.

Dennis Ferrier's report from last week indicates the uncorrected ballot language presents a very real problem and, in fact, is confusing voters.

Vote YES on Metro Charter Amendment No. 1