Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mayor Bragg to citizens: Back the hell OFF!!

Why do elected officials act as if they have a set of interests and priorities that are completely different and many times in total contradiction to the interests of the citizens who elected them? Economists have a number of theories about this, most prominent of which is Public Choice Theory. Basically, this theory says that although public officials are elected to represent the interests of the citizens, they, in fact, continue to act in their own self interest after they are elected. (Yes, it is obvious but what else are economists going to do with their time?)

Tommy Bragg is the Mayor of Murfreesboro and the current President of the Tennessee Municipal League. So it falls his lot to "represent" the "interests" of local elected officials. "Why", you ask, "would we need a group to represent the interests of local officials?" Wouldn't they be the same as the local citizens they represent?

The taxpayers of Murfreesboro pay the dues to the Tennessee Municipal League for the City of Murfreesboro. What do the taxpayers of Murfreeboro and taxpayers of all other TML member cities get in return for these dues?

Mayor Bragg and TML actively oppose any changes in the Open Records and Open Meeting Laws to make local government more open and transparent.