Thursday, December 14, 2006

"nuts" who are "too rich"

Doug Goddard is the lobbyist for the Tennessee County Commissioners Association. He lobbies for the County Commissioners who are elected by the citizens. So what has he done for Tennessee citizens lately?

Here is an AP report on how he opposed the new open meetings law which was killed last session: "Doug Goddard, executive director of the Tennessee County Commissioners Association, called open-meetings violations isolated incidents and said the proposed changes would go too far.

Setting a penalty for violations could scare off qualified candidates from seeking office, Goddard said. "You're just going to have nuts out there who want to burden local governments," he said.

Here is an AP report on his meeting with Senator Norris yesterday where he said, "The head of the county commissioners group in Tennessee says local governments won't join a program to freeze property taxes for elderly property owners if the Legislature makes it "too rich."