Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am sorry, your child can not attend that school

A thought experiment: what if all the wealthy politicians who tried to send their children to private schools were met at the private school house door by the sheriff and told, "your children are not allowed to go to this private school, your children, Mr wealthy politician, can only go to the public schools."

When politicians say, "I care about" and then name some group or person, it is always very instructive to see how they treat their own children.

If you treat someone else the same way you treat your own children then you very probably do really care about them.

The decisions you make about your children can't be finessed or faked.  It is, therefore, very instructive to learn about the decisions of wealthy politicians when it comes to how they treat their own children vs the public policy recommendations they support. Do you, Mr. wealthy politician, want other parents to have the same options that you had for your children. Talk is cheap, we want to know how you act.