Tuesday, January 16, 2007

National Healthcare in Britain is beyond repair

Trying to fix a bureaucratic mess like NIH in Britain is like spreading cake icing over a junk pile. It may look better for a while but the junk pile is still a junk pile. Like any bureaucratic organization, all the existing constituencies quite effectively spend their energy preserving the status quo. Virtually all "solutions" involve adding another layer of consultants and management onto the top of the junk pile and none of the underlying problems ever get fixed. Government, in both the US and UK, is not the solution to the health care cost spiral, it is the primary cause.

So die all who try to reform the National Health Service. They have been doing so since a despairing Margaret Thatcher appointed Roy Griffiths, boss of Sainsbury's, to the task in 1983. The NHS is the North-West Frontier of the public sector. If the health union Tajiks don't get you, the Pashtun consultants will. You can throw as many men into the Khyber Pass as you like but they never return.