Monday, February 19, 2007

City Paper calls on Dept of Rev to CHANGE

The TN Dept of Revenue must change and they must let us KNOW they have changed. Kudos to the City Paper for pointing this out. I happen to agree with and support the agenda of the Tennessee Center for Policy Research. Drew Johnson has done a remarkable job of promoting free market, low tax policy solutions. But the TN Dept of Revenue has FAR TOO MUCH POWER over out lives to be this arrogant towards ANY group, agree or disagree. Let us hope the TN Dept of Revenue will change and that Gov Bredesen will hold them accountable.

Quite frankly, it should not really matter how far off the mainstream any group is when dealing with state government. Whether it is a blogger in their pajamas, a special interest group or just Joe Citizen, state government should crack open like a piƱata when asked for otherwise public information.

Commissioner Farr needs to get his department’s collective heart in the right place when it comes to dealing with the citizens of this state. It is not up to him or anyone else in state government to respond to Tennessee residents based on a perception about professionalism. They are public servants, and their first goal should be to serve the public regardless of what they think about the individual on the other end of the telephone or their politics.