Monday, February 26, 2007

No name Pres Survey for 5 SE States


A new Elon University survey (release, results) of 719 adults conducted 2/18 through 2/22 in six Southeastern states (Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia) using an open ended question, which did not present respondents with candidate names, to measure presidential primary vote preference finds:

  • Among 302 respondents likely to support a Democratic candidate for president (MoE +/- 5.75), 30% volunteer support for Sen. Hillary Clinton, 14% for Sen. Barack Obama, 8% for former Sen. John Edwards, and 45% said they either don't know or it is "too early to tell."
  • Among 226 respondents likely to support a Republican candidate for president (MoE +/- 6.65) , 21% volunteer support for former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, 16% for Sen. John McCain, and 56% said they either don't know or it is too early to tell.

Please note that while the *release* includes crosstabulations by individual states, but does not specify the size of each state subgroup. The total number of interviews among self-identified primary voters across all states sampled is already quite small (n=302 for Democrats and n=226 for Republican).