Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tennesseans WILL RAISE their own taxes


In a light turnout, Coffee County residents over-whelmingly approved the three-quarter cent increase in the sales tax.

Overall, about 15 percent of the county's 28,534 registered voters — 4,426 — cast ballots either through early voting, absentee or at the polls yesterday. Slightly more than half the votes — 52 percent — were cast either by early voting or by absentee ballots.

The question was approved by a 3-to-1 margin in Manchester and the rural precincts and by a 2.5-to-1 margin in Tullahoma. Countywide, slightly more than seven out of 10 voters were in favor of the increase.

The increase was approved in every precinct and in only one — Tullahoma's Hands-On Science Center — was the vote close with the count 23-18 in favor.