Saturday, March 24, 2007

Education the top priority? Not really

Drew makes an excellent point in his Tennessean Column today. Governor Bredesen's highest priority is growing the size of government, not education.

Governor Bredesen says that education is the most important priority for State Government. (nothing new, every politician that has ever asked for a vote mentions the word "education" at least 50 times and declares her or himself to be "the education candidate")

But is this really the case? In proposing new spending for education Bredesen is actually saying that all the current spending is more important than education. Otherwise he would postpone or cancel stuff like state subsidized golf courses and thousands of other items that any sane person would judge to be less important than education. The Governor is not willing to offend those within government by asking them to tighten their belts or cut less important programs. He IS willing, however, to offend taxpayers.

Politicians never ask us how much government we want, they always ask how much MORE government do we want. Making hard decisions about limited resources is never an option. The only one making hard decisions is the taxpayer when they get the tax bill.