Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Help TTR Monitor the General Assembly

From www.TnTaxRevolt.org

News Tuesday March 27 -
Join Tennessee Citizen Watch TODAY!!

Please Help Us Monitor how well the General Assembly is using the power granted to it by the citizens.

For the first time in history videos of all House and Senate Floor sessions, House Committee and Subcommittee Meetings, and Senate Committe Meetings are available on the General Assembly web site.

BUT....these videos are absolutely useless unless we the citizens use them to hold the General Assembly accountable.

How can you help? By devoting approx 2 hours per week for the next few weeks to watching YOUR Legislature in action.

Simply choose a committee, subcommittee or House or Senate and commit to watching one video each week.

Email us at TennesseeTaxRevolt@Yahoo.com and tell us which committee or subcommittee you are willing to monitor. THANK YOU!!