Friday, March 30, 2007

Memphis Corruption Collection-ABC24


The collection consists of items like coffee mugs, t-shirts, bumper stickers, buttons, and thongs.

Each item has a quote by a Memphis politician plastered on it.

The collection's creator Cricket Tisdale adds, "You would be surprised at the number of thongs we sell."

The quotes you can choose to adorn coffee mug include two recent ones from Edmund Ford.

"Don't make me your punk," and "I must have drunk the Mississippi River," were some of the city councilman's recent statements during a council committee meeting earlier this month.

They are also some of Tisdale's top selling quotes.

There's also a quote from Ford's brother, John. "I got a gun. I'll shoot you dead," was captured on an FBI surveillance tape during Operation Tennessee Waltz.

It can now adorn your apron or underwear.

Memphis city council member Rickey Peete's statement that "My life serves as a model for a lot of people" is another quote you can choose to adorn an apron or a bumper sticker.

That said, Tisdale chose not to attribute the quotes on any of his "Memphis Corruption Collection" items.