Thursday, March 29, 2007

Memphis to outsource ethics to Nashville


A bill, sponsored by Sen. Jim Kyle, D-Memphis, at the request of the Shelby County Commission, would submit Shelby County officials and employees to the same ethics laws that state lawmakers and employees must follow, if the commission chooses for that to happen.

"As opposed to going through the process of creating its own ethics commission, it would simply outsource all of that to our state Ethics Commission," Kyle said during a Senate State and Local Government Committee meeting this week.

The bill, co-sponsored by Democratic Memphis Reps. John DeBerry and Ulysses Jones, is scheduled for a full Senate vote on Monday and is expected to be heard by the House Finance, Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday.

The service wouldn't be free to Shelby County, and the Legislature's Fiscal Review Committee estimates the cost at about $50,000.