Thursday, March 29, 2007

Somebody ain't payin their Rafting Tax??

From Unicoi County


A discrepancy in revenues was brought to the attention of the rafting committee by County Commissioner Mitzi Bowen, who also works in the County Clerk's office, which handles revenues turned in by rafting companies.

    According to reports from that office, all five companies combined yielded a revenue total of $29,881.90 for the county during the 2005-06 fiscal year.

    While that figure seems to be a hefty sum in terms of dollars coming into the county's coffers, officials have calculated that rafting could be bringing in much more revenue—more than $150,000 more if certain companies' reports are valid.

    According to mathematical calculations, with 50 patrons per day for five companies, every day, with a rafting tax of $2 per person imposed by the county, the five companies together should be turning in $182,500 maximum.


   They believe that rafting is quite often overlooked by governing officials and that is should in fact be exploited to generate extra revenue for the county.