Friday, March 02, 2007

Unc's address change was lost in shuffle


SayUncle: Did you send me a bill?

Tax Collector: Yes and a final payment notice.

SayUncle: Where'd you send it?

Tax Collector: [reads old address from two houses ago]

SayUncle: Yeah, I don't live there any more. Haven't for a while. I let you guys know that via your handy little website that exists expressly for the purpose of letting you know that.

Tax Collector: Oh.

SayUncle: And I thought the tax was every two years?

Tax Collector: It's yearly.

SayUncle: So, any way, you're going to charge me additional money due to your inability to check your own website? Doesn't seem right. $100 in penalties and $39 interest is awful steep. That's like, what, 18% interest?

Tax Collector: Err, I just have a computer printout . . .

SayUncle: Isn't that, like, usury? Or, you know, pretty close? Are there laws against that?

Tax Collector: Well, we need to collect your tax . . .