Sunday, March 25, 2007

We have created taxpayer funded MONSTERS

"Trade associations" for local government officials are monsters fed by our tax dollars and they are corrupting our State government. In this article, Tom Humphrey talks about opposition to the senior tax break lead by TML and other groups of local government officials.
Leaders of city and county government organizations say the proposal raises complex legal, technical and political questions that need to be addressed.

"There are lots of unresolved questions," said Margaret Mahery, a former Athens mayor who is executive director of the Tennessee Municipal League. "We need to take a longer look at it and don't jump into something that, down the road, could negatively impact us.

"It's easy to do but hard to take back."

These groups openly act as if they are adversaries of the taxpayers. Many of these taxpayer funded groups are led by staffs that are out of control and unaccountable to the members, much less the taxpayers. These are the same groups that killed the open meetings enhancement bill last year and almost always advocate for higher taxes. These groups are out of control. They don't represent the citizens and yet taxpayers are funding them, it is time to stop these parasites before they kill the host.