Saturday, April 07, 2007

Lie Detectors for Govt Benefit Fraud Detection

If you believe that Government should force the redistribution of income then you must also believe that:

1- People whose income is above the "poverty level" will not, left to their own free will, be as caring and charitable as you believe they should be. Therefore government must force these people to give up their property via taxes so government can give this property to those who deserve it but would not otherwise receive it.

2- The forces arrayed against the poor are so great that most of them, left to their own devices, can not raise their income and improve their circumstances.

Both of these beliefs are destructive to the basic ideal of the dignity and sovereignty of the individual citizen. And both lead to this kind of insanity:


The system is being piloted by Harrow Council, in north London, for housing benefit and council tax benefit claims.

Mr Hutton said: "This technology aims to tackle fraudsters while speeding up claims and improving customer service for the honest majority."

He added: "Our investigators are successfully using sophisticated 21st-century techniques to stop criminals. The introduction of this cutting-edge technology will be another weapon in the battle against benefit fraud."

VRA analyses changes in voice frequency and performs thousands of mathematical calculations to identify different categories of emotional content and to recognise genuine callers.