Friday, April 27, 2007

Ruh, Roh....dignity attitude adjustment

Greg Mankiw references research that indicates 75% of the uninsured may be able to afford their own insurance and are thus able to join the 250 million of us that are already insured if they only made the decision.

What!!! This is an outrage!! We can't assume people are actually able to make their own decisions and may in fact choose NOT to buy insurance. We must assume they are utterly unable to make decisions about their own welfare....wait, we have to go even further, we must assume they are victims of circumstance and can't even fight their way to a point where they have the ability and resources to make their own decisions.

We don't preserve our fellow citizens dignity by assuming they are incapable of making decisions about their own welfare. In fact, we destroy it by making this assumption.

Yes, we know there are people who need help but simply being aware that people need help does not give me or you moral superiority or the right to use government to impose our moral orthodoxy on our fellow citizens.