Tuesday, May 29, 2007

$100 million Corporate Welfare Boondogle

The "ink" was not dry on my last entry when I saw the story below. Just like the hundreds of millions squandered in New York State on their "Empire Zone" corporate welfare, the program in Washington State was a disaster. Corporate welfare is legal bribery which almost always leads to corruption (think TN Waltz).


OLYMPIA -- Washington's largest job-development program, touted by state lawmakers as a way to create "family-wage" jobs, is spending millions of dollars to attract employers that hire low-wage workers.

In many cases, grants were given to projects that provided no information about job creation. In other instances, local communities seeking aid listed the number of jobs expected, but state officials did not vet the information.

In addition, the criteria used to select projects gave more weight to increasing tax collections than to adding family-wage jobs.