Thursday, May 31, 2007

FOP Police Union fund raising questioned

The fund raiser employed by the FOP police union appears to be using questionable tactics at best. Hopefully they will change their ways. Great investigative piece by the Nashville Scene.


Recently, we reported that the FOP has hired a shady out-of-state telemarketing firm to solicit Tennesseans—especially Spanish speakers—for cash donations. The company, Civic Development Group of Edison, N.J., has a history of running afoul of state attorneys general and has been sanctioned by the Federal Trade Commission for tricking consumers into parting with their cash.

To boot, the FOP was guaranteed only 15 percent of each dollar donated to it by Tennesseans through the company.

In preparing that story we left many, many messages at FOP headquarters in Knoxville, particularly for Mike Embrey, the secretary of the FOP whose signature graces mailers that arrive in Tennessee mailboxes asking for money. Not one call was returned. Even the nice lady at the desk said, "I just don't know why he isn't calling you back, I'm giving him the messages."