Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"School Accountability" Fraud

Phil Bredesen, Harold Ford, Sr, Bob Corker, and Bill Frist ALL held their zoned public school accountable by choosing NOT to have their children attend them. They withheld the funding these schools would have received if their children had attended.

On the other hand, Phil Bredesen has chosen NOT to hold "failing" schools accountable in Memphis, Chattanooga, and Nashville by using the power that he has always had to close them.

As long as Phil Bredesen and the General Assembly allow the very small universe of people at Legislative Plaza to determine "accountability standards" there will be none. The education bureaucrats and public employee union bosses will fight any effort to change the status quo because they are empowered by the status quo.

Phil Bredesen, while allowing himself the privilege of choosing the school that best served his child, will deny that power to the ONLY GROUP that can truly hold the education establishment accountable: THE PARENTS!!!!