Saturday, June 30, 2007

Do ya think any of these groups

would EVER oppose a tax hike?

Many smart, well meaning, and sincere people staff these groups and many smart, well meaning and sincere people are members and their mission is to grow the size and influence and power of their groups. That is why they exist. Most are funded in part or whole by taxpayers.

Here is, as they say, the bottom line. If we, the citizens, allow those within government to determine the size and scope and tax burden of government, taxes will NEVER be high enough and the scope will NEVER be large enough.

Our elected representatives are supposed to represent US to those in government. Far too often they simply represent those in government to US.

TN Municipal League
TN Counties Association
TN County Attorneys Association
Association of Tennessee Valley Governments
TN County Officials Assocation
TN County Highway Officials Association
TN Sheriffs Assocation
TN School Boards Assocation
TN Institute for Public Service
Tennessee Registers (of Deeds-Assessors) Association
Tennessee County Trustee Association
Tennessee Association of Municipal Clerks and Recorders
Tennessee City Management Association
Local Government Corporation
TN Municipal Attorneys Association
TN Chapter American Public Works Association
TN Government Finance Officers Association
TN Association Housing/Redevelopment Officials
TN Building Officials
TN Fire Chiefs Association
TN Association of Chiefs of Police
TN Recreation and Parks Association
TN Chapter, American Planning Association
TN Personnel Management Association
TN Association of Public Purchasing
TN Section, Institute of Transportation Engineers
TN Public Transportation Association
TN Fire Safety Inspectors Association
TN Municipal Judges Conference
Municipal Technical Advisory Service
County Technical Advisory Service
Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations