Wednesday, June 27, 2007

East Ridge Speaks out against Tax Hike


A community speaks out against a mayor's idea to raise property taxes. East Ridge is facing a million dollar budget deficit, putting them in a financial crisis.

Folks in East Ridge demanded a meeting with city officials to discuss the possibility of a property tax hike in order to make up the city's shortfall. In a fiery exchange, folks made it clear they won't stand for higher taxes.

"Myself and others like us will be moving if East Ridge will not be able to grow and thrive," one taxpayer said. Folks in East Ridge spoke up against the mayor's idea to raise property taxes at least forty-cents. "Listen folks, I love ya, I love ya, but listen to yourself, you're applauding, what could the city have done?" the mayor said.

A lack of industry is just one factor limiting the city's revenue. "You have to learn to live on what you've got, sometimes you have to cut though, we do in a home and we do in a city," said taxpayer, Fraces Pope.