Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gov Bredesen: Will you be accountable? Part III

Here is my best guess: Phil Bredesen and Senators Woodson, Kyle, Burchett, and McNally and Commissioner Seviers and Rep. Winningham are NOT willing to be held accountable for any kind of concrete improvement in student outcomes. They  will certainly hold us, the taxpayers, accountable for funding the additional $500 million for the new BEP but they WILL NOT tell us, with hard numbers, how much improvement we can expect in return for this money.

Martin Kennedy, in his post linked below, tells us how Metro Schools are giving the cold shoulder to one of the best hopes for educational improvement, charter schools. By funneling $500 million into a system that shows ABSOLUTELY no willingness to change Phil Bredesen is virtually assuring us our tax money will be wasted.