Monday, June 25, 2007

Gov Bredesen: Will you be accountable? Part 4

Rhetoric is cheap. In fact it is completely worthless. Governor Bredesen's statement below was made at a signing ceremony in Chattanooga. It is more of the same rhetoric we have heard before.

When will the Governor tell us HOW he will "hold their feet to the fire?" He sure as heck will hold taxpayers accountable for paying the $500 million, the State Department of Revenue will see to that. BUT HOW will he hold the education bureaucracy accountable and when will he tell us if they have failed or succeeded? The taxpayers of Tennessee deserve to know specifics. Enough with the empty rhetoric. We have heard it all before, again and again ad nausem.


"We want to, on the one hand, make sure we're providing money for needs," said Gov. Bredesen. "But also hold their feet to the fire."

"To whom much is given, much is expected," said Dr. Scales. "So we wouldn't expect to receive any money from the state without tying it to accountability. To increase achievement level of our students, that's what it's all about."