Friday, June 22, 2007

How do we deal with Frank Neudecker?

Jackson City Councilman Frank Neudecker is hard working, smart, and a well prepared fiscal conservative according to the Jackson Sun. Why then is the Jackson Sun editorial page asking him to go another direction by "building consensus" instead asking for budget cuts?
The prime example was his exceptional work in analyzing the proposed city budget. He sifted through huge amounts of detail to determine that the city could, with nominal cutbacks and adjustments to the budget, allocate an additional $2.9 million to the city's crushing debt service. But the well thought out, albeit complicated, proposal couldn't even get a second on the council.

Sooooo.....the Jackson Sun wants Frank Neudecker to throw his principles overboard? Frank Neudecker is rock solid and will continue working for his taxpaying constituents. The Jackson Sun simply doesn't understand someone who will NOT "compromise" when it comes to taxpayers money. We need MORE Frank Neudeckers.