Thursday, July 26, 2007

"The Alliance for Tax Fairness" ?

You call your group "The Alliance for Tax Fairness" and its consists of three huge public employee unions and the League of Women Voters among others and you have a poll taken and voila what do you find? Taxpayers just LUV paying higher taxes. Sorta brings tears to your eyes.


A majority of Marylanders want state leaders to raise enough new tax revenue to fix the state's budget shortfall and increase spending on education, health care and other priorities, a coalition of labor unions, environmental advocates and liberal groups said yesterday.

The Alliance for Tax Fairness released the results of a poll showing broad-based opposition to the idea of resolving Maryland's projected $1.5 billion budget shortfall by spending cuts alone. Respondents favored higher taxes on the wealthy and corporations, the coalition said.


The Alliance for Tax Fairness includes the Maryland League of Conservation Voters; the Maryland State Teachers Association; the Service Employees International Union; the League of Women Voters; the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, 1,000 Friends of Maryland; the Association of Nonprofit Organizations; and Progressive Maryland.