Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bredesen about to take over Memphis Schools? RIGHT!!

Smart City Memphis says Gov Bredesen is talking tough to Memphis City Schools about a possible takeover. Not sure what his source is but a reality check is in order. Governor Bredesen has known for six years, since he took office, that some Memphis City Schools were failing students and he has failed to take action of any kind. In those six years thousands of Memphis students and parents have had NO CHOICE but to attend miserably failing schools.

Gov Bredesen is quite happy to hold taxpayers absolutely accountable for the $500 million in new education funding he and the General Assembly passed this year. The Governor's attitude towards taxpayers is ZERO TOLERANCE. If we refuse to pay our taxes we go to jail, NO questions asked. the State department of Revenue will see to that.

BUT....when it comes to the spending side of the equation, he is happy to spend OUR money with NO accountability...NONE zip, zero, nadda.

If the Governor lived in Memphis instead of Nashville, it is quite likely that he would have chosen to avoid public schools there just as he did in Nashville and yet he has condemned thousands of Memphis parents to a single option that no one should have to choose.