Friday, July 20, 2007

Homeschooling Expo in Chattanooga


The Chattanooga Southeast Tennessee Home Education Association is hosting the 25th annual Curriculum Fair and Home Education Expo today and Saturday at the 34,000-square-foot Camp Jordan Arena in East Ridge.

More than 80 vendors will sell everything from textbooks, encyclopedias and novels to compact discs that teach parts of the body, card games that teach word roots, kits to keep pet insects in jars and coloring books that accompany classical music.

In addition, experts will offer workshops on topics such as "Homeschooling Distractable Kids Who Don't Like School" and "Teaching the U.S. Constitution."

Janell Bontekoe, who manages vendor registration and recruitment for the Expo, expects about 1,400 families from Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia to attend this year.

The Expo is not just for families who homeschool their children, as parents whose children attend public or private schools can find materials to enhance their children's learning, she said.