Sunday, July 29, 2007

Indianapolis 'Boston' Tea Party over Prop Taxes


The latest version of the Boston Tea Party played out in the normally tranquil Northside neighborhood at Central Avenue and Westfield Boulevard. Motorists passing at least 500 protesters honked their horns in response to signs demanding that politicians fix the property tax bill mess.

The original Boston Tea Party in 1773 protested the way the American colonists were being treated by Great Britain.

Tax bills and Monday's decision by the City-County Council to increase the county income tax to 1.65 percent, to pay for Mayor Bart Peterson's $90 million crime-fighting plan, upset protesters Saturday.

The Rev. Mmoja Ajabu, representing the Light of the World Christian Church, asked the crowd whether an attorney might look into having the council vote set aside on a conflict-of-interest charge. Some council members, who are also police officers and firefighters, voted on the measure, he noted.