Thursday, July 19, 2007

MI Taxpayer Group's Recall Boot Camp


If the Michigan Legislature wants to raise taxes, Leon Drolet wants lawmakers to pay - with their jobs.

Despite the fact that no major vote to raise taxes has been made in the Legislature, the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance has been holding seminars across the state to inform voters of their ability to recall a lawmaker, said Drolet, who serves as chair of the organization.

"We're having recall boot camps to train citizens about the rules and techniques involved in recalling elected officials," said Drolet, a former state legislator and current Macomb County commissioner.

Michigan is one of 18 states that allows its citizens to recall an elected official, or remove and replace them before the end of their term. In order to recall an official, a group must collect signatures totaling 25 percent of the votes cast for the position in the last election.

There hasn't been a recall since 1983, when two Democratic senators were recalled for voting for an income tax increase during another recession, under then-Gov. James Blanchard.

The campaign is being mounted because a tax increase would do more harm than good to Michigan taxpayers, Drolet said.