Thursday, July 19, 2007

Taxpayers getting the shaft two ways

This article linked below is about Michigan farmers who are worried they will lose their taxpayer funded subsidies? WHAT!!! First Congress mandates and subsidizes ethanol using taxpayer money. Sooooo, not only are our taxes higher but the price of corn is driven up so the price of our food is higher. And in addition Congress will use our tax money to continue subsidizing farmers who grow corn??

Congress is like OPEC for the stupid, a cartel to protect the idiots!!


The most controversial subsidies are direct payments to farmers who grow corn, rice and wheat. The corn subsidy is based on a formula that includes a set price per bushel (currently 28 cents) along with how many acres are planted and a farm's long-term yield. The 28-cent rate was set in 2002, the last time the farm bill was renewed.